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Learning About Tequila at La Cofradia

While in San Jose del Cabo, Matt and I had a chance to learn more about mezcal. We decided that it was only fair to go someplace to learn more about Tequila. After all, all tequilas are mezcals, right? Where better to learn about tequila than in Tequila?!

We were told about Hotel Boutique la Cofradia from a nice man in San Jose del Cabo. It’s basically a distillery with a tasting room and four hotel rooms on the property. We were not sure what to expect, but when we arrived we knew that we were someplace special.

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Escape to Yelapa

After leaving Mazatlan, Neeley and I made our way to southern Puerto Vallarta.  Our plan was to spend one night in a hotel so we could pack everything we needed into our small backpacks and then catch a water taxi from Boca de Tomaltan to Yelapa the following morning.

The five-hour drive to Puerto Vallarta was quite nice. It was even nicer when we discovered the banana bread sellers on the side of he road in San Blas where we stopped for lunch.

We made it to Puerto Vallarta in the early evening. Unfortunately, the hotel was completely forgettable. Luckily the staff was wonderful and we were only staying for one night.

In the morning we drove fifteen minutes from our hotel to the small village of Boca de Tomaltan where we arranged to park our car and take a water taxi to Yelapa.  Yelapa is accessible via vehicles, but takes about four hours, versus twenty minutes via water taxi from Boca, or forty-five minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

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Mazatlán, briefly

I will admit that everything that I knew about Mazatlán I learned from watching the Love Boat.  In planning our trip from La Paz to Yelapa (more about Yelapa in another post), we decided to stay just a couple of nights in Mazatlán. Originally it was going to be one night, but I read a few comments on a blog about the pretty downtown with a square and a church, so we decided to stay for two nights instead so we could visit the sights. We stayed for three nights because I fell for Mazatlán.

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Mezcal in San Jose del Cabo

Matt and I are in San Jose del Cabo for a couple of days. It’s a really cute little town that is really worth exploring. Sadly, it seems that most of the people who come here stay on the grounds of their all-inclusives and don’t bother to visit this gem of a town. There is great little art and foodie scene growing here with an organic market, lots of great art galleries featuring local Baja and Mexican artists, and really delicious restaurants.

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Come Spend Christmas in Rome with Us.

Announcing our next photography workshop: “Christmas Italian Style”

A 2 on the Run photography workshop lead by award-winning photographers, Neeley and Matt Drown

December 20 – December 30, 2015 (10 nights)

Imagine Rome, one of the worlds most beautiful and photographic cities, dressed in glorious holiday lights and colors, the shop windows filled with candies and toys, and her famous market stalls overflowing with delicious Roman treats of the season. Now imagine photographing Rome without the overwhelming crowds of tourists. But why imagine? Why not join us as we photograph Rome and all of its rich visual history and beautiful celebration of the season? Celebrate in the city that gave us both the Pagan holiday and the Christian holiday that we now call Christmas.

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It is official!

Well, that’s it. We have given our notice to our landlord with a date to end our lease. We have rented our first storage unit. It is finally official! In less than a month we will be nomads.

This has been something that my husband and I have wanted to do for years, but timing was never right. We had school, jobs, cats, commitments, fears, etc. Plus, there is an awful lot to plan that has nothing to do with traveling. What do we do with our stuff, our cars? What about insurance? Our bank accounts?

I won’t lie, these questions are overwhelming. But the idea of not going just because we need to figure out health insurance or bank accounts or what to do with our stuff, seemed silly. The desire to see more of the world was stronger than the seeming awesomeness of the tasks of finally breaking free. This does not mean that we are not nervous about what we might encounter or if we will even enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. There is not much in life that comes with a guarantee anyway. We may as well give it a chance.

In anticipation of the craziness that we now find ourselves in, we have not planned out our whole trip. In fact, we have decided to figure our travels out as we go along. The first month will be spent living near the beach in Baja California, Mexico. This will be our decompression month. We are giving ourselves time to realize that we really will be living in the moment and that our home is wherever we find ourselves in the world.

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