It is official!

Well, that’s it. We have given our notice to our landlord with a date to end our lease. We have rented our first storage unit. It is finally official! In less than a month we will be nomads.

This has been something that my husband and I have wanted to do for years, but timing was never right. We had school, jobs, cats, commitments, fears, etc. Plus, there is an awful lot to plan that has nothing to do with traveling. What do we do with our stuff, our cars? What about insurance? Our bank accounts?

I won’t lie, these questions are overwhelming. But the idea of not going just because we need to figure out health insurance or bank accounts or what to do with our stuff, seemed silly. The desire to see more of the world was stronger than the seeming awesomeness of the tasks of finally breaking free. This does not mean that we are not nervous about what we might encounter or if we will even enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. There is not much in life that comes with a guarantee anyway. We may as well give it a chance.

In anticipation of the craziness that we now find ourselves in, we have not planned out our whole trip. In fact, we have decided to figure our travels out as we go along. The first month will be spent living near the beach in Baja California, Mexico. This will be our decompression month. We are giving ourselves time to realize that we really will be living in the moment and that our home is wherever we find ourselves in the world.

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We will be sharing our experiences, photos, and videos with you as we explore new and familiar places.

Sixty Days

Neeley gave our landlord sixty days notice today.  Let the panic begin.

We started talking about this journey a couple years ago, picking locations, fantasizing about where to go, but not really seeing it as a real thing.  Over the past year, it’s turned into something that is closer to real, but always on the horizon, not approaching.  That all changed today.

We have a target of two months to get the last of our stuff together so we can begin a long journey, gear decisions, packing, storing, destinations, downsizing, and just a little bit of panic.

I expect the panic to turn to excitement in the near future, I just need to get through the first bit now.


Thirty Days out

Logistics are being sorted, but no panic.  We continue to sell, and throw things out.

Plans change at the last minute and we decide to purchase a car to drive down Baja Mexico to start the trip instead of flying down.  This necessitates a immediate requirement to purchase a car capable of the journey.  Unfortunately this forces us to focus on things that don’t involve packing/moving.

But we have time, it’s still thirty more days….


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