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Dresden: A City Built Twice

Dresden has long been on my list of cities to visit. It was heavily bombed by the Allies towards the end of World War 2. Prior to the second world war, Dresden had a long history as the capital of the highly influential and sophisticated Kings of Saxony. Its nickname during their reign was “The Jewel Box” because of its beautiful and opulent baroque and rococo architecture. It was during the reign of the Saxon kings in the late 1700 that Dresden became a European center for science, innovation, and courtly opulence. Everything from porcelain dinnerware and decorations to scientific equipment, clocks, etc. were produced in Dresden.

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Autumn in Berlin

Matt and I flew from Kiev to Berlin on November 2. It was nice to be back in familiar surroundings. We have visited Berlin before and wanted to include this fantastic city on our tour of Europe. Matt’s sister-in-law has family in Berlin that we met a few years ago at a wedding reception in the Alps. We hit it off immediately and have been promising to visit ever since, and were able to on this visit.

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England: from Medieval Times to WW2 English Codebreakers

From Reykjavik, Matt and I flew to Manchester, England. We found that flying into Manchester was far less expensive than London because of airport taxes. When we purchased our ticket, we decided that we would rent a car and travel around England for a couple of weeks before heading to London to visit family. We decided to visit Yorkshire located in the north east of England.

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James Bond and Sea Turtles in Jamaica

When Matt and I got married, we chose to set up a honeymoon fund rather than a traditional gift registry. The fund was divided into excursions that we wanted to take on our trip around the world. One of those was a dream stay at Goldeneye Resort in Oracabessa, Jamaica. The resort is on the grounds of Ian Fleming’s house on Oracabessa Bay. Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records (Bob Marley, U2, etc) purchased the property and turned it into a beautiful resort. We decided to book a visit to Jamaica in time to celebrate Matt’s birthday. Being fans of James Bond, we were excited to see what GoldenEye had to offer.  After a stay in Florida to visit family and downsize a bit, we flew to Jamaica.

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Revolution and Ice Cream!

There is a small town between Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende that is famous for two things. First, and arguably most importantly, it is where Father Miguel Hidalgo called for a revolution against the Spanish during a church sermon in 1810. The town was then called Dolores, but was renamed in honor of Father Hidalgo, to Dolores Hidalgo,  who became one of the heroes of the Mexican revolution.

Secondly, the town is known for ice cream. They have very good ice cream of all flavors, including some “exotic” flavors, such as shrimp and octopus, mole, avocado, and elote (corn).

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Guanajuato: A wonderful discovery for us

Ever have one of those experiences where you learn about a place and then when you tell people that you are going there, they say “oh yea, it’s great, we loved our visit”? Then you you feel like the last ones in the world to know. That was Guanajauto for us.

We were flipping through a guide book, plotting out our route to Mexico City when we came across a few photos of Guanajuato. The original plan was to drive from Tequila to San Miguel de Allende, but after we read a bit about Guanajauto, we decided to stop for a week. It was a gamble that paid off.

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