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Our Stop in Brussels and Bruges

It was great fun visiting family and friends in London. Our next stop was Brussels and Bruges.  Neeley had been wanting to visiting Bruges for many years. While we were planning our visit, a train strike in Brussels was announced. Luckily, we were able to re-arrange our hotel bookings on Expedia so that we could have one day in Brussels and one in Bruges. It wasn’t what we had originally planned, but we learned long ago that we need to be flexible while traveling even in Europe.

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Las Vegas Culture Shock and Our Drive Out of Mexico

After our week in Play del Carmen, we had a planned trip to Las Vegas to attend the DEFCON conference.  I have been attending the conference every year since 1996, and this would make an even twenty years (a milestone that was a little scary).  I wanted to see people that I only get to meet up with once a year, and experience Vegas after a three month stint in Mexico. But we still had to do something with the truck while we were in Las Vegas. Continue reading Las Vegas Culture Shock and Our Drive Out of Mexico

Mexico City or D.F. for short

Mexico City is huge, really huge. The entire urban area of Mexico City, or D.F. for short, has a population of just over 21 million people making it the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world and the largest city in the Western Hemisphere.

Driving into the city was dramatically different than all the other driving we had done so far. Luckily Matt is comfortable with city-driving. I had the fun task of navigating. Mexico City has an incredible amount of congestion and air pollution. In an attempt to alleviate this, in 1989, the city government instituted a system called “Hoy No Circula” or no-drive days. Who can drive on what days depends on the license plate number. We had a vehicle from outside of Mexico, so our no-drive day was Thursday. Of course, we didn’t know this until we had already arranged our schedule and booked our hotel. Since we were not residents of the city with out of state plates, we were able to secure a permit to put in our window that would give us permission to drive any day of the week for up to two weeks. We found the website and got some help with the translation. It was not too difficult to fill out. They then sent us the form in an email and we posted the permits in the rear driver’s side window. On our way out of town on a Thursday, we were stopped by a police officer. He saw the permit and then wished us a pleasant journey and got back into his car.

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Tequila – The City

Saturday the 27th of June, 2015

Due to lack of availability at Cofradia (See previous post), we moved into the main city of Tequila to wander around for a day and see what it offered.  We didn’t know what to expect but were worried that it would be full of tour buses with people on drunken tequila tours. We were happy to find a pretty little town with a lively town square.

We left Cofradia in the late morning, moved our luggage to a the new hotel, conveniently located right downtown a couple blocks from the town square. As usual, we got a late start, so by the time we checked in to our hotel, it was time for lunch.

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WiFi down, the bane of the nomadic lifestyle

We are currently in Guanajuato Mexico right now, and lost WiFi at our apartment that we are renting.  So our uploads are slowed down by trips to the coffee shop.

We have a backlog of pictures and stories from Yelapa, Tequila, and Guanajuato to post up in the next week.  We will be leaving for San Miguelle de Allende this Sunday, and hope to be back to updating.


(PS, the picture is the heart of a blue agave plant, used to make tequila. We had a wonderful tour at Cofradia Distillery earlier this week, more about it in our post.)