Lost Galleries – Australia

Our travels and photography continued through 2016, while our writing about our travel slowed down.  We’ve decided to publish our photography with a minimal of commentary.  The “Lost Galleries” series continues as explore Australia.

After spending a month in Sri Lanka, we went to Lovina, Bali, Indonesia for a month.  But after two months of rice based dishes in Sri Lanka and Bali, and little in the way of cheese and wine, we decided to visit Australia.

A quick flight from Bali to Perth was the start of our travels.  We explored the city of Perth and the Swan River wine region, caught a rooftop showing of the Hateful Eight, Neeley enjoyed good coffee, and suffered some sticker shock after being in Bali.  A week later we flew to Melbourne, Neeley continued to enjoy the coffee.  We met up with some friends for a week of board-games and socializing in the Mornington Peninsula. After games and friends, we returned to Melbourne for a couple days to eat our body weight in dumplings at Shanghai Street Dumplings, and Neeley consumed more coffee.

With Melbourne done, and a rental car acquired, we picked up our friends and drove the slow coastal route to Sydney over a week.  Stopping at interesting places like Potoroo Palace animal refuge, Killer Whale Museum in Eden, and milk bars where we discovered Australian cuisine .  It was a great way to see something that wasn’t big-city Australia during this drive.

We took a quick detour just north of Sydney, and I took a full day of Rally School. Full power cars, in the dirt, while shifting with your “other” hand! It was lots of fun, and a great experience. If you have any interest in doing this, make the time when you are in the Australia.

We circled back to Sydney, and I took a lot of pictures of the Opera House.  Below you can see them, along with some photos from the time in Perth, Melbourne, and the drive up to Sydney.  Enjoy the third installment of the Lost Galleries.


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