Lost Galleries – New Zealand

Our travels and photography continued through 2016, while our writing about said travel decreased. We’ve decided to publish our photos from this time with a minimal of commentary. The “Lost Galleries” series continues with our time in New Zealand.

We were going to head back to see family in London after our time in Australia, but the timing on grabbing airline tickets with the least amount of frequent flyer miles was going to put us in Sydney for an extra week. A scan of flight deals and we discovered we could stay in Sydney for a week OR fly to Auckland, and stay there for a week for the same price. So we decided to add a new country to our list and experience Kiwi charm!

We rented a car and took a quick jaunt down to Hobbiton, with a drive back up via Hot Water Beach. It was great to experience areas outside of Auckland. While in Auckland, we took a day trip out to “Wine Island“, to get a taste and we found a local dairy that produced great cheese, Kapiti Tutermoana.

The fourth “Lost Galleries” series continues with shots from New Zealand, please enjoy.


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