Bumming Around

One of the joys of hanging out in a place for more than a few days is that we don’t feel rushed to do anything. It also helps to have extra time when we are also trying to do work on super slow internet. It forces us to work much slower than we are used to and this sets the pace for just about everything else that we do.

In our defense, we haven’t been completely lazy. A couple of times a week we run a loop in our neighborhood and Matt took some surf lessons from Negro at Cerritos Beach in Pescadero.  Negro was a great instructor and Matt did really well. He also spent a full day body boarding. He is now licking his wounds. He is sore from fighting the waves and his face is the color of a cooked lobster.

Confession: I have been lazier. While Matt was getting surf lessons, I started reading “Rebel Without a Crew” by Robert Rodriguez (director of the movies of El Mariachi and Desperado). It’s telling of how he made the El Mariachi trilogy. For film nerds like me, this is pretty interesting stuff.

Instead of a travel story, we’re just going to show you some photos from around town (Todos Santos, plus Cerrito Beach in Pescadero) so you can see where we have been bumming around. The last one is a gif that Matt made of a wave at sunset.


4 thoughts on “Bumming Around”

  1. The photos of Matt surfing are simply stressing me out – Looks like he had soooo much fun – excellent stuff.

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