Farewell and New Beginnings

We said farewell to our house today.  This marks the beginning of our adventure, something that both excites us, and makes us nervous about the unknowns.

We’ve decided to embrace the unknown head-on, and accept the challenges as they come.

Today we are nomads.

What are you doing on a Saturday night?

We spent the evening stuffing the last bits of things that aren’t going on our trip into a storage unit.

Neeley started rhyming, “we won’t have to come back, because we’ll have to unpack.”  She’s over-tired from all the moving we’ve been doing.

We both wonder if we’ll be able to figure out why we stored half the stuff we did, instead of just throwing it away.

Thirty Days out

Logistics are being sorted, but no panic.  We continue to sell, and throw things out.

Plans change at the last minute and we decide to purchase a car to drive down Baja Mexico to start the trip instead of flying down.  This necessitates a immediate requirement to purchase a car capable of the journey.  Unfortunately this forces us to focus on things that don’t involve packing/moving.

But we have time, it’s still thirty more days….


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